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Sample Platter "All the meats!" - Sample Platter

Not sure which of our amzing exoctic meats you'd like to try? Well don't make that decision if you don't want to, just try them all! Our new sampler platter will let you experience 4 of our top selling exoctic meats. Select your favourite 4 from our huge selection, some of which include; crocodile, kangaroo, koala, ostrich, zebra and for a limted time only Panda. The sampler platter also comes with 3 sides of your choice.

- £17.90

Current Specials

Exotic Meat Dogs "Different Dogs"

Big fan of hot dogs, but bored of the same old frankfurter? Well you wont find anything boring here at Safari Chef Grill. Our hotdogs are made of 100% premium exotic meats, no padding out with water and breadcrumbs, just top quality meat. We currently offer 3 different types of hot dog; kangaroo, wild boar and gazelle. Your dog will come with 1 side of your choice and fries.

- £8.90

Zebra Meat "Whole Lotta Zebra" - 18oz Steak

For your fix of delicious meat from afar, we now offer the 18oz zebra steak. Aged for 2 weeks and charred over our wood smoked pit, this steak will have your tearing up with joy. Just let your waitress know how you like it cooked and we'll take of the rest. The steak will be accompanied by A dipping sauce of your choice (Pepper, diane or garlic butter), 2 sides and fries.

- £18.90"